How to Integrate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

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Sep 15, 2021 10:45:00 AM

How to Integrate Lifestyle Marketing into Your Marketing Mix

To avoid getting lost in the mix and to establish a stronger connection with audiences, lifestyle marketing is vital. It's no longer sufficient enough to build relationships with prospects through promotional ads alone. Instead, businesses can appeal to audiences by speaking to a particular lifestyle that their customers live or aspire to live. If people can associate your brand with the ideal lifestyle, they'll be much more likely to choose you over less inspiring competitors. 

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Give Your Brand a "Why"

To begin with, every lifestyle brand needs a "why" behind it that persuades audiences to turn to them. In determining what this "why" is, identify your brand's values. Why exactly are you in business, and what do you hope to accomplish as part of the bigger picture? How are you changing lives through your products or services, and what's the drive behind that change? 

Your core values will ultimately attract the right audience to you over time. If people can relate to your purpose and the deeper meaning behind what you do, they'll be much quicker to connect. Be sure to design your brand with all of your values in mind, which will help you shape your lifestyle marketing strategies.  

For instance, you could speak to audiences' values by including a page on your website that discusses your "mission." You could tell your brand story on this page, from how you got started to what you hope to achieve for your customers. This will go a long way in building trust and showing how your business works to appeal to the people it serves. 

Tap Into Your Audience's Emotions 

Lifestyle brands essentially create a fantasy that the audience wants. Specifically, they either exude a particular lifestyle that people want to have or already have and want to maintain or enhance. That lifestyle could apply to fitness, luxury, wealth, eco-friendliness, or technology. If you can prove how your business can help audiences achieve the experience they want, you'll be able to boost brand awareness and sales. 

The important thing is to show rather than tell your audience how your business gets them closer to the desired lifestyle. Think about the emotions your audience wants to feel, whether it's excitement, pride, or general contentment. Once you've pinned down the feelings that resonate with your audiences, brand your business in a way that captures these emotions and "sells" them. 

Keep in mind that people aren't necessarily buying a product so much as an emotion they want to feel. People buy certain brands to live up to a lifestyle that meshes with their values and the emotions that come with them. If you can connect emotionally with audiences, they'll come to recognize you and see you in a positive light. 

Know Your Audience's Desires 

Once you've aligned your brand with the audience's values and emotions, it's time to check into the specific pain points they're experiencing. All products or services help people solve a particular problem, whether it's a minor inconvenience or a major obstacle in their lives. Audiences have pain points that they're actively researching and want to solve as soon as possible. 

Take the time to understand your audience's pain points and the experience your customers have with them. You can then determine how your business can help fulfill your audience's desires. In the end, your business should fulfill desires and solve pain points that make your customers' lives easier. Think about the kinds of dreams they may have. What exactly is it that they want to experience with and gain from your brand?  

With detailed knowledge about what your audiences struggle with and what they want, you can use this to inform your lifestyle marketing content and efforts. As you develop marketing materials, you could create ads that use the proper tone and messaging to convey a particular emotion and inspire audiences to engage with you. You could also appeal to local audiences by appearing on a lifestyle show to actively demonstrate your products or services. All of this would help show why your brand is the one that will help audiences achieve their goals. 

Develop the Perfect Lifestyle Marketing Strategy with a Media Partner 

While it's highly beneficial for many businesses, a lot goes into creating a lifestyle brand. If you want to get the most from lifestyle marketing strategies that establish a strong connection with customers, consider collaborating with a media partner. This will help you build a plan that incorporates print ads, online ads, magazine cover wraps, and lifestyle and entertainment show appearances. 

With these elements included in your lifestyle marketing efforts, you'll benefit from a strategy that drives results. Subsequently, you'll be able to attract long-term customers that remain happy and loyal to you over competitors.

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