Top Tips for Lifestyle Marketing for Local Businesses

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Sep 8, 2021 1:54:29 PM

Top Tips for Lifestyle Marketing for Local Businesses

Whether you want to speak to your customers' existing lifestyle or a lifestyle that your customers aspire to live, positioning your brand as the solution to fulfill your audience’s goals and desires is key. Unlike other types of strategies that push products and services, lifestyle marketing entails selling a lifestyle. In your branding, you'll show how your products or services enable customers to live the kind of life they want.  

Here are some lifestyle marketing tips to follow to help you get the best results from your lifestyle advertising campaigns.

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Target Your Audience's Subculture 

Lifestyle marketing efforts need to target a specific niche audience. What sets lifestyle marketing campaigns apart from broader campaigns is that they target particular audience segments. It's important to know the type of lifestyle the audience aspires to live. 

Consider what the audience's coveted lifestyle entails. What exactly do they need to satisfy, or what goals are they striving for that you can help them achieve? For instance, your target audience may want to experience a level of luxury, wealth, fitness, health, or popularity, among other aspirations. Some of your audience may already be living the lifestyle your product creates, but your brand makes it even easier for them to maintain their way of life. 

Know Where to Find Your Audience 

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 1.52.45 PMIf you want to capture your niche audience with lifestyle marketing, you'll need to target them where they spend most of their time. Think about the kinds of platforms they use most frequently. Some may use email, while others may spend more time posting and scrolling on Instagram.   

Regardless of where your audience hangs out, it's important to know where to find your subculture and target them there. Once you've identified where your audience is located, you can begin advertising to them. Remember, you don’t need to market on every platform to find your audience, but strategize one or two places to advertise. Pinpointing your niche customers where they spend time will help you get the most from your advertising budget

Tell a Compelling Brand Story 

A considerable part of lifestyle marketing is storytelling. As you attempt to connect with your audience on the platforms where they spend their time, you'll need to resonate with them emotionally. Paint a picture of the lifestyle your audience craves using messaging tones, and images. In the process, detail how your brand helps your audience achieve their sought-after lifestyle. 

When developing a brand story, tell an authentic story that builds trust among and inspires your audience. Your story should make it easy for people to establish an emotional connection with your business. This will increase recognition and build positive associations. 

One brand that managed to differentiate itself through its story is eyewear retailer Warby Parker. Their background details how they got their start as rebels determined to make eyewear less expensive. According to the brand, the initiative began when one of its founders lost his eyeglasses while backpacking as a grad student and could not afford a replacement.  

The founders questioned why glasses are so expensive and why they aren’t sold online, so they decided to shake up the eyewear industry. In turn, they created an innovative, chic, easy way to buy glasses. The brand panders to busy, stylish creatives who want to have their eyeglasses delivered to their door while supporting causes the company partners with. The company often works with various nonprofits to give away a pair of glasses to a person in need for every pair sold. Meanwhile, Warby Parker has reached astounding success soaring into the billions. 

Position Your Lifestyle Brand for Success 

Brand positioning entails making your brand top of mind for customers. It's far more than logos and slogans—it's the strategy that makes your business truly unique. Brand positioning is integral in building a solid reputation for your company and maintaining control over it. 

Through this strategy, you can effectively differentiate yourself from competitors. In doing so, you'll boost brand awareness and demonstrate the value you bring to audiences. This all leads to more sales in the long term.  

Screen Shot 2021-09-07 at 1.52.40 PMAs you position your brand and show what makes you different, cultivate a brand image that people associate with the ideal lifestyle. Create a brand reputation that has customers believing that they're among an exclusive group for buying your products or services. To get a better idea of how to connect with your audience and make your brand stand out, take a look at your competitors and determine what makes you unique. 

Grow Your Business with Effective Lifestyle Marketing 

Lifestyle marketing can help you develop a powerful brand image that puts you above competitors. By learning about the kind of lifestyle your audience wants and showing how you can help them achieve it, your business can thrive. If you want to develop a winning lifestyle marketing strategy that yields excellent results, consider working with a reliable media partner to build your next campaign. 

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