With Better Western Mass, one of Massachusetts' most sought-after lifestyle and entertainment shows, and with established brands like People, Better Homes and Gardens, and Southern Living, we can put your business in the spotlight and create top-of-mind brand recognition with Massachusetts viewers both on-air and online.

Lifestyle Marketing with Better Western Mass

What is Lifestyle Marketing at Meredith Massachusetts?

When it comes to building and marketing lifestyle brands, Meredith’s portfolio says it all. Brands such as People, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, and All Recipes are just a few of the 42 iconic titles under Meredith’s belt.

By aligning your company with these influential household names, Meredith Massachusetts can target customers that share similar lifestyle traits, and who will directly benefit from your product or services.

Whether it's print ads, magazine cover wraps, or integrated segments in our lifestyle and entertainment show, Better Western Mass, Meredith Massachusetts can establish these brand-building relationships and produce intriguing marketing content that produces results.

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Lifestyle Marketing with Meredith Massachusetts' Family of Brands

The Importance of Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle Marketing can open the door to many potential customers who share your values. By producing custom marketing creative alongside Meredith’s established brands, your message will be more than an ad – it will provide important information, entertainment, and even credibility to your business.

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